Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Story Of Kalliyankattu Neeli

Once Upon a Time in Ancient Kerala There is A Village Called Pazhakanallur-Which is Situated in The Southern Part of Trivandrum.There Lived a Beautiful Woman Called Alli.One Day Alli & Her Girl Friend Visited Temple,She saw The Handsome Priest of that Temple.Alli Was Flattered By the Figure of That Priest.But She doesn't
Realised the Fact that The Nampi (Race Name of Priest) is not a Good Guy.He used toTake Non-Vegetarian Food & drink Liquor. He Had also the Hoby of Visiting The House of Prostitutes.She Started an Affair With the Priest.She Told Her Mother That She Wants to Marry That Priest.At First Her Mother Opposed this Affair.Later SheAgreed For this Marriage.
After This Marriage the Priest Started Showing his Real Character.He Started Looting Money From the House of Alli's House.Alli's Mother Realised the Fact that The Priest is an Evil Person.One Day a Quarrel Was Started Between Alli's Mother and This Devilish Priest.At That time The Priest Took his Knife In order o Kill Her.The guards of Alli's Mother Beat The Priest ,and the Injured Priest Ran Out From that House and starts running towords the Jungle.Hearing This News Alli Said to his
Mother that She Wants to Live with Her Husband.Then She Followed the Foot Marks of his Husband,And Saw Him Standing Near a Tree.She Told Her Husband that she Wants to Live with him. She Was So Tired at That Time and layed Her Husband's Thie starts Sleeping.The Evil Priest Decided to Steel Alli's Golden Ornaments. He Took a Big Rock Form the Side and Smashed his Wife's Head .During Her Last Moment Alli Witnessed a Kalli Plant Near Her.She Shouted that "Oh Kalli Plant You are The Witness of this Incident.After Killing Alli The Evil Priest Decided to Drink Some Water From a Well.Suddenly A Cobra Bited his Leg.He Became Unconcious and Died.At That Time Alli's Younger Brother Came There.While Seeing His Sister's Dead Body That Boy Commited Suside by using that Same Stone Which The Priest Used fo Killing Alli.

The Re-Birth of Kalliyankattu Neeli & Her Brother

After This Incident Years were Passed.In the Year 1052 In Kaveripoom City,The King's Wife Became Pregnent.One Astrologer Said to the King,

that The queen is going to Give Birth of Twins.He also said that Some Evil Presence are Seeing.Kalliyankattu Neeli & His Brother Neelan was Born in as the Daughter & Son of that King.The King Gave them The Name Neeli & Neelan.In the Night The Two Evil Twins Decided To Destroy the Country.The Went Outside By Using their Evil Power.They Went Near the Cattles of Farmers and Killed them.The Farmers Informed The King That Their Cattles are Dying.The King Arranged Some Spy For Checking.

The Spys of King Saw Neelan & Neeli Killing The Cattles.They Informed this News to the King.The King Asked the Astrologer What is Happening. The Astrologer Said to The King that Two Evil Spirits whom Died Long Years Before Are Reincarnated .The Astrologer Said to the King You Must Kill These Two kids.The wife of the King Wept Bitterly and Said I will Never Allow this.

The King and the Queen Decided to Abandoned These Two Kinds in to The Forest.

They Were Abandoned in Panchavan Forest Near Nagar Kovil.The Pazhakanallaur Village People Who Lived Near Panchavan Forest Suffered a Lot by These Two demon Kids.So Many Cattles Were Killed and Eaten By Neelan & Neeli. The Seventy Owners of that Village Brought a Balck Magician.The Black Magician Conquered Neelan,but Failed to Conquer Neeli.Neeli Took a Decision that she will Kill the Black Magician and also the 70 Village Owners.One Day That

Black Magician Reached Near Kallyankadu.While Seeing This Neeli Changed Herself as a Beautiful Lady and Invited Him To His Palm Tree and Killed Him.

The Priest Who Killed Alli Reborn as a Guy Named Anandan.One Day He Started

a Journey From His House and Reached Kalliynkadu.Neeli Saw Him Comming

and Decided to Kill Him For Taking Revenge.She Approched Him In Different Ways.But Anandan Saved Himself by Using His Magical Stick.